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Welcome, Come Grow with Us

Welcome, Come Grow with Us

What to Expect

From the moment you pull into the parking lot we hope you feel welcome. When you enter, you will be met by one of our smiling greeters. They would be happy to help you navigate the halls of our facility so that you and your family feel at home. Please ask!

Sundays are come as you are at Oakwood. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to worship in jeans or a suit and tie, you will see a variety of attire here. We are more interested in your heart condition than your fashion sense.

The Worship Service at Oakwood is designed to uplift you for a week of knowing, loving, and serving Jesus Christ. A variety of musical styles, arts, media, Scripture reading and contemporary and traditional elements are employed, along with a Biblical and relevant message from our Pastor.

Each Sunday morning at Oakwood begins with our 9:30 a.m. Classic Church Service as well as teaching time “sunday school”.  At 11:00 a.m. our Contemporary Church Service begins and another “sunday school” time is available. This is an exciting time that features age appropriate lessons fit for the entire family. Our nursery staff is ready to care for your baby or toddler as well. Because our classes are small, this provides the opportunity for discussion questions, care for concerns and the environment to develop new friendships. These elements make an important element in Christian growth.

Oakwood Bible Church F.A.Q.

What To Expect When You Visit Us?What to expect when you visit

If you remember that old Cheers song, “Don’t you want to go, where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came?” Well our church is a very friendly church where we have a desire to get to know you when you visit. However, we do recognize how daunting a new place can be. We want you to feel comfortable and take in your surroundings as well.

What type of church is Oakwood Bible Church?
We are a place where everyone is welcome…a place where you become “family” on your first visit…a place where you will learn Bible Truths and how to apply them in your life. Oakwood Bible Church is a non denominational Bible church. Our services are filled with singing and praising of the Lord. As well as Biblically based teachings to help us get a deeper understanding of Biblical truths and how they relate to today’s world.

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Where should I park?
Our church has a parking lot in the front and back. The front lot is your best option. The sanctuary entrance is entrance A. Which is marked above the door. You’ll be greeted by a friendly face at our front door.

How should I come dressed?
There is no set dress code or set style here at Oakwood Bible, wear whatever is comfortable to you. You will notice that some women will be in dresses and skirts, others in business attire, some in casual clothes. For the men you will notice that some will be in suits and ties, or jeans and a button down shirt. Whatever you feel comfortable in, that is what you are invited to wear. We only ask that you dress modestly, and try to refrain from wearing clothes which have offensive language or symbols, or are tight and figure revealing. To help keep in mind you will be worshiping the Lord as you select your wardrobe.

How long does the worship service last?
On a typical Sunday, services begin at 9:30am and 11:00am and usually end in an hour to an hour and a half.

When do you celebrate Communion/The Lord’s Supper?
Is anyone allowed to participate?
Normally our church communion is the first Sunday of the Month. We practice an open communion, where anyone who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ and accepted Him as their savior is invited to participate.

What about my kids?
Our nursery staff is ready to care for your baby or toddler as well. We have two rooms with everything needed to care for your little one(s). Our children’s church program is also available. Children are dismissed during the service to worship with children their own age. Or they can stay with you, either way!

How do I hear the Sermons?
We provide all  our sermons online. You can access the online sermons by clicking here. We are also listed on iTunes and Stitcher.

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Have a question not listed above?

Call us at 269-349-2835 or use our web form to contact us online.